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What is Speed Dating?

Speed Dating, or "SpeedDating" as it is sometimes written, is a fun, easy and safe way to meet and "date" a number of single people of the opposite sex in one night. Speed dating does away with all of the most common hurdles associated with blind dates, finding new people and the awkwardness of the first meeting, and the time wasted finding out that the person you're dating isn't right for you.

With Speed dating, everyone is there for the same reason, which is to meet other people. You will have just enough time with each person of the opposite sex to decide whether or not you would like to see them again, and you are only put in contact with the people you want to meet that also want to meet you again, so there will be no awkward phone calls and no having to avoid people you don't want to see again.

What sort of people go speed dating?

Most are single professionals living in the capital who lead very busy lives, don't have too much time and want to meet new people in a fun, safe environment. It is for those who want to improve their chances of meeting the right person. London Speed Daters are generally normal, fun, attractive people with varied interests who normally mix with the same group of friends and work colleagues and rarely get the opportunity to meet many new people.

How does Speed Dating work?

Upon arrival at a Speed Dating in London event, the hosts will check you in and give you a badge with a number on it and welcome you to the event. Once the dating part of the evening starts, those with badge number one will start at table number one, those with badge number two at table number two and so on. After a few minutes, the hosts will ring a bell, the girls will stay seated and all the guys will move round one table. This continues (with a break) until you have met everyone there.

What if I like another London speed dater?

You will probably like lots of other people that you meet at a speed dating night - the difficulty is choosing who you would really like to see again. After the event, you sign in to the website and tick each of the people that you may want to see again. You will be able to see how many people have entered their choices, who has ticked you, who hasn't and see details of anyone that you match with. After you have entered your choices, you will be sent an email and/or text message immediately whenever someone matches with you.